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  • Tile & grout cleaning
  • Pet stains & urine removal experts
  • Emergency water damage service
  • Carpet repairs & re-stretching
  • Allergy & “green ” cleaning
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Exceptional Fabric Protection
We offer Scotchgard advanced carpet and fabric protection that helps repel dirt and can prevent permanent stains.

Note: many carpets and fine upholstered furniture are often treated with Scotchgard during manufacture. In most cases fabric protection does not need to be reapplied until the carpet or furniture has been professionally cleaned multiple times. High traffic areas or frequently used furniture may be an exception and require more frequent Scotchgard application.


  We will never sell you any service that you don't need or want.  


Exceptional Emergency Water Damage Restoration

  • Complete water extraction from affected areas.
  • Anti-microbial treatment of affect edareas.
  • Dry affected areas using commercial flood fans and/or dehumidifiers.

Anti-microbial treatments are often used after flooding or water damage. In addition to its odor reduction benefits, anti-microbial treatments stop microbe growth, help extend carpet life, and preserve a healthy home environment by easing or preventing allergens.
After extracting excess water from the affected area, Exceptional Upholstery, Carpet and Rug Cleaning uses highly effective anti-microbial treatments to eliminate odors that arise from mildew, fungus, bacteria, yeast and other microbes, and to prevent any remaining microbes from multiplying.